Bellam Chalimidi or Salividi


Bellam Chalimidi or Salividi making is an art and my Amma is an expert who makes Bellam Chalividi that has irresistible flavor and is favorite for whoever has tasted it . Making this simple sweet dish needs an eternal flame of passion for perfection.

Bellam Chalimidi or Salividi is still an art, using centuries-old techniques handed down from generation to generation..
Generations of flavor, passed down with love – Grandma’s, Mom’s, and now to me ..

Chalimidi is made with mild ingredients – Freshly ground rice flour ,Jaggery , Dry coconut chunks and poppy seeds . The coconut and rice flour are blended to the perfect level to balance the sweetness. It is prepared for most of auspicious and special occasions – festivals like Ugadi and Sri Rama Navami, important chapter’s in a girl’s life like wedding , baby showers and when she carries her new born baby from her maternal then Chalimidi will definitely be on the menu for that day!

The centerpiece of any south Indian festival, Chalividi is a sweet dish made from rice flour and jaggery. The one from Andhra Pradesh makes for a delicious addition to your dessert table. Chalividi or Chalimidi with a soft texture will savor your taste buds and provide you with intense satisfaction. Salividi or Chalimidi is the sweet dessert that can make all the celebrations and festivals perfect. The crunchy nuts and cashews will add supplementary flavor to the cuisine, Chalimidi.


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