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Nostalgic Delight: Homemade Sundried Potato Chips

Growing up, homemade sundried potato chips were more than just a snack; they were a cherished tradition that brought the family together. As kids, we eagerly accompanied Mom in the process of drying the chips, watching with anticipation as they transformed under the sun’s warmth. While we also gulped a few of these boiled potato slices in the midst of the process 😀..

Unlike today’s reliance on packaged chips, our household thrived on the simplicity of homemade goodness. There were no brightly colored bags littering the pantry, just rows of glass jars filled with golden slices of potato, waiting to be fried to crispy perfection.

The excitement of waiting for the chips to dry was palpable, each passing hour bringing us closer to the moment when Mom would expertly fry them to a golden crisp. And oh, the joy of that first crunchy bite, followed by the burst of flavor from Mom’s special spice mix!
Whether it was our school snack box or the Sunday movie time this was our snack option and we thoroughly relished them..

Looking back, those days were not just about delicious snacks; they were about sustainability too. Without the need for disposable chip packets, our household generated minimal waste, contributing to a greener environment without even realizing it.

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