Ariselu or Arisa – A traditional sweet the authentic way



Ariselu – A delicacy from Andhra Pradesh made with two main ingredients that are harvested during Sankranthi, Rice and Jaggery. It has much significance for many occasions that are celebrated with making Ariselu – Be it the first steps of the baby, the first harvest cooked into this delicacy to celebrate the harvest festival Sankranthi, in few regions during Diwali daughters are invited home and along with the Taamboolam this dish is prepared and sent along and many more too.

As I have witnessed during Sankranthi the women in the village come together and cook a batch of Ariselu at a common place and take home each one’s share. Though the ingredients are just two it is technically difficult to master it as the slightest details like the rice variety, jaggery, the pounding of the wet rice, perfect texture, shape and taste matter a lot.

The person who masters the technique leads the group and all together puts their efforts in freshly pounding the rice, sieving, making the jaggery syrup and others. The raw dough prepared to make Ariselu is called Salvidi and that’s another delicacy as a child to savour if you can offer yourself to be part of the troop 😀…As a kid was always assigned to help with pressing the Ariselu flat once they are out of piping hot oil /ghee.

We at ANO bring you the healthier version of this delicacy made with our farm products – Kulaakar rice and Jaggery, which you can savour and order for your loved ones to savour too 😊


Written by: Athula Gutta, Founder of Athula Nirmiti Organics

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