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It’s an everyday challenge for moms to come up with ideas on What to pack for the snack box that’s easy to pop in your mouth, healthy and delicious too. I think we all need help and inspiration in this genre and so here is my share!!

Snack boxes are a great way to include fruits and veggies and I usually pick one savoury snack food, one fruit or veg, some crunchy nuts and some healthy dessert bites as a snack.
I just make healthy snacking feel fun and celebratory with mix-and-match options that keep the kid’s engine fuel up 😀 and these healthy snack ideas are ideal for travelling or on-the-go snacking any day.

Tips for Making kids snack smarter:-
– Involve kids in the planning.
– Change things up: Variety is the key
– No soggy food
– Plan the weekly menu
– Add fruit along with protein and nutritional food.
– List the kid’s favourites.

Let’s make our little ones snack smarter 😊😊

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By: Athula Gutta

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