Vegan Food -It’s a choice!


Whether you are a vegan or vegetarian it isn’t easy finding good food options and it’s even more challenging when you are looking for healthier versions with no preservatives or processed ingredients.

I can say that am a 5-year-old vegan. Vegan is a choice- my well-being evolved into a second nature than being thirsted upon me.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey as a Founder & Food Curator at Athula Nirmiti Organics with the mantra “EAT RIGHT THE HEALTHY” we introduced some specially curated delicacies to relish from our Vegan section to order like vegan cakes, cookies, sweets, savories, dessert jars, and a special Wednesday binge Vegan meal. All the curated products are native foods just the vegan way with the natural ingredients from our farms.

As friends and family were curious to learn some healthy recipes and bakes, we have healthy baking and cooking sessions, and the students were amazed when introduced to the simple recipes with the ingredients at home 🙂

Gift yourself and your family members healthy, tasty, nutritious vegan food and stay happy and guilt-free.

I believe being vegan is not a trend, but it’s a way of life and every individual can choose their way.

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By: Athula Gutta

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