Summer Special Pickles

Pickle-making is a tradition that has a legacy of its own and every grandmother has a unique recipe that is passed on from generation to generation ūüôā

Summers essentially translates into loads of raw mangoes and every year at the farms we wait for the tedious process when we have our farm workers engaged to pluck the mangoes carefully without letting them fall on the ground and awaiting our share.

I have memories of partaking in the ritual of pickle making with amma, when she added flavors to the raw and exotic fruit with a medley of spices such as Mustard, Fenugreek seeds, Chili powder, Salt, Asafoetida, and Turmeric.

At Athula Nirmiti Organics we have so many variations to the raw mango pickle with the raw mangoes –
1. Andhra Avakaya ( authentic Andhra pickle )
2. Pessar Pindi Avakaya ( authentic coastal Andhra recipe)
3. Magaya ( sundried mango sliced pickle)
4. Mamidakaya Turum Pachadi ( Grated mango tangy n spicy pickle)
5. Mamidakaya Allam Pachadi ( Grated mango spiced with ginger and sweetened with jaggery )
6. Mamidakaya Bellam Pachadi ( Grated mango soaked in jaggery syrup and sundried)

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