Sunnundalu- The History ,Technique and Art of Making

Sunnundalu a powerhouse of protein belongs exclusively to Andhra that is quite delicious and unmatchable with any sweet, a ladoo with roasted black gram made with jaggery and ghee just makes your mouth water and crave for more …

Sunnundalu just refreshes the pleasant memories of my ammamma (maternal grandmother ) who used to cook on a wood fire and the slow cooking always enhanced the food’s taste and flavors.
Anyone from Andhra would definitely carry their share of minapa sunni from their grandmother’s house which they used to make painstakingly by roasting the black gram and grinding in a stone grinder and the only thing to do was add jaggery and ghee and relish them.

We at Athula Nirmiti Organics are bringing the memories back by making the Sunni ( Powdered black gram ) the traditional way and serving to the urban households and let them invoke memories and serve the traditional treats to the modern world 🙂

By – Athula Gutta


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