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Ugadi Pachadi

The most unique and significant tradition of Ugadi is beginning the new year with savoring a unique flavored pachadi with sweet, sour, pungent and bitter tastes that we call as shadhruchulu.

Ugadi is an auspicious occasion as it marks the beginning of a New Year and  we welcome this with the Ugadi Pachadi that has mango as the main ingredient along with  neem flower, jaggery, salt, water, tamarind juice, grated coconut, banana and pepper .This particular pachadi has a very unique taste to it, neem flower adds bitterness whereas jaggery makes it a little sweet, the tamarind adds sourness and pepper gives a spicy feel .

The myriad rich taste of this delicacy tickles and lingers on our tongue for a long time leaving a medley of flavors.

We just love this festival for the special preparations made and the Ugadi Pachadi is one of my favourite dish that we all eat not like a prasadam but like a dish served in a bowl.

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